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June 21 2018

“The Secrets to Creating an Indie Game Franchise” – my full GDC18 talk with slides

I’m excited to share with you my talk and slides from the presentation I gave at the Narrative Summit, Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, on Monday 19th March this year (2018). The video of my talk is available, but it is behind a paywall in the GDC Vault:  “The Secrets to Creating an Indie Game Read More

June 11 2018

I Love Playful Testing

Many of you will be familiar with playtesting, or at least testing. You sit there with a notepad and pen, watching players play your game. You write observations, you may get the players to “think-aloud,” and then afterwards you interview them, and then debrief with your team. Tracey Fullerton describes playtesting as “something that the Read More

June 07 2018

The Two Markets: Finding Your Kin

“The reasonable person adapts themself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to them. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable person.” George Bernard Shaw “Maxims for Revolutionists” Man and Superman (1903) [pronouns changed] The way we make and what we (and our audiences) find appealing about our creative Read More

April 28 2018

Test – cranking up the blog again

Yes, I’m excited. I’m cranking up the blog again. As I posted back in 2014, I’m using the indieweb philosophy and technology to connect this website with existing networks. I have had to update some of the plugins since then, so I’m not sure if all the tubes are connected. So this is a test!

March 03 2018

Extended Experiences Lab
A Thin Black Line
Caterpillar – 8 Word Story

January 10 2018

Calendar of Events 2018

Presentations Fri 19th Jan, – An (Autobiographical) History of Intimacy and Its Relationship to Creative Practice, Heartbeat Symposium & Game Jam, The Space, Byron Bay .[photo by Justine Colla/ @pastasauce] Sat 3rd Feb – The Secrets of Creating an Indie Game Franchise: A Narrative Designer’s Approach, Game Development Brisbane, JMC, Brisbane Mon-Tues 19th-20th March  – […]

September 29 2017


April 27 2017

Crafting Intangibles

January 22 2017

2017 Appearances, Releases, etc…

(This page will be updated as the year progresses with forthcoming and archive links) Events FORTHCOMING Keynote & Colab Facilitator, “F**k Storyworlds!: A Mischievous Guide of the Latest in Cross Media Design”, Emergence Creative Festival, Margaret River, Western Australia, 29th March-1st Feb. I will be talking about things from my not yet published omg it is coming … Continue reading 2017 Appearances, Releases, etc…

June 12 2016

2016 Appearances etc

(this page will be updated as the year progresses) Events I moderated the ‘Content Creation’ panel at ACMI’s VR Festival (with Michael Beets, Nathan Anderson, Oscar Raby, and Dan Koerner) , and mentored filmmakers at their VR Lab, 3rd Nov, 2016 [Full list of panels] My installation/App, Magister Ludi, for the Experimenta Media Art Biennial: … Continue reading 2016 Appearances etc

February 07 2016

September 27 2015

Spider & Fly’s Bucket List

July 03 2015

On Brian

What rips through me about people like my mother and Brian dying is this means there are less people in the world who are awake. I have worked with and still work with people who spend their days spinning words as a cheap tactic to give them authority. So many people attempt to ‘game’ the system of … Continue reading On Brian

June 27 2015

Interviewed for Cara Ellison’s Embed with Games

June 20 2015

Cross-Media Design Kit
‘Game On: Copyright and Digital Media’ for Copyfight
‘Playing Kandanga’ for Creative Recovery Network
‘Who Left the Windows Open?!’ for Iron Game Designer
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